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 Meet Our Team

Sugarbee+Photographee+-6178-2752218972-ORochelle Frazier (Left), Denise Webb (Standing), Julie Rimes (Standing) &
Jan Rodrigue (Seated Right)

Rochelle Frazier
Rochelle is a storyteller by nature infused with undeniable markings of a true Southern girl: charming accent, gracious hospitality, and her passionate and infectious faith. She is the author of the children’s series Sweeteas and He Gave Me Pearls and journeys with women daily through her blog “Living with Divine Purpose.” Her heart is taken by what she calls her “precious mess” —Holland Rose (12), Houston (7), and Jackson (7). And when she’s not chasing their schedules, she loves to retreat to her sacred spaces…….the mountains, the beach, her little chapel or immersing herself in music. She has a heart to touch young girls with the love of God that will make crooked paths straight and save years around broken mountains, and for women who can look at her life and see hope that He is sovereign, He is love, He is good, He redeems and still answers audacious prayers.

Denise Webb
Her heart for the things of God, and her passion for being the hands and feet of Jesus is something to behold, especially while juggling the roles of wife, mother, speaker, and teacher. Just being near her sets your soul a fire for Jesus and stirs a desire to serve His people. Denise loves without boundaries to social status or color or age; it is unconditional, selfless, and lavish and is the joy of those who call her friend. She is known for her zeal and her vision that brings women’s events to life in a way that sends even the most calloused heart away dancing. One could hardly fathom the story this precious gem overcame to stand in her destiny, but that very story has led her to liberate women who have become a product of their past and young girls who fear they will. She speaks deeply the love of “another Man” that saved her, but proudly stands as the wife of Jeff Web and mother to their four precious daughters: Paige, Morgan, Madison & Gracie.

Julie Rimes

Julie Rimes is a self professed Martha. She has been described as a hard worker, a detail chic, server, a good cook, and a person having the gift of love. To sum these words up, she has a servant’s heart. She has a passion to bless others whether it is with the Word, a conversation, food, an event, or prayer. She encourages others to be real because life happens and it happens to all of us. She serves the Lord with an unwavering call as a pastor’s wife of 32 years.  She is married to Woody. They have 5 children and 4 grandchildren. In a perfect world, she would have time to enjoy a cup of coffee with her husband while sitting on the swing every evening. What I love about Julie is her heart for His people. She is authentic, and when she shares heart you feel it through her words deep in your bones. She moves you closer to Him. She is consistently a prayer warrior that every woman should be so blessed when knowing she stands with them.

Jan Rodrigue

Jan is a woman who can touch generations of women with her presence and His presence upon her. She is gifted with a spirit of encouragement and known for the life she consistently speaks into teens and peers. While she stands as a women of faith and life, she has overcome much to arrive at her destiny. Divorced later in life, she would come to learn the struggles of other women raising children alone, accepting singleness, managing on a meager budget, and the determination to follow her Lord even through the storms of life. She is the  mother of one son (49), a grandmother to two beautiful granddaughters (22 & 23), daughter to her 88 year old mother, sister to two younger brothers, friend to many, and beloved of the Most High God. Jan has served the Lord, and the girls and women He brings into her life doing what she loves by teaching, mentoring, counseling, and giving in any and every way possible. She is an active member of her church body serving in Sunday School and worship along with a much respected leader in a community wide women’s ministry, GALS (Generations of Ladies Serving God.) If you know Jan, you love her, and if you face storms and need open arms, you run to her.

Sugarbee+Photographee+-6171-2752216264-OMarcia Lampton & Lisa Adams

Marcia. Marcia. Marcia. What can you say about a women that leaves you most days laughing so hard, you are speechless? Her life most resembles that of a roller coaster with twist and turns that would have most women using the eject button, but she embraces life fully with all that it brings and always with laughter. She claims that God came and got her out of her mess, and took her on one crazy ride, and while she confesses that she was the woman running from the crazy “Jesus Ladies” in Walmart, she now opens her home to lead Women’s Bible Study. She shares her life with her great love Will and their children Casey, Caitlin, Brooklyn, and William. Her motto is ” God gave me everything – to show me I had NOTHING!” We like to say that life has thrown her curve balls, and some days it is hard and painful, but she walks in confidence knowing that she has got this, because God has her.  She is real, and we like to joke saying that you enter at your own risk with Marcia, but that is why we love her so. She is a woman that leaves an impression.

Lisa Adams

Her story is one of choosing to stay when it is easier to walk away, and one that many women today need to embrace. Lisa is a beloved of Christ, she is passionate about her friends and family and has a sold out heart to advance His Kingdom. She is truly a servant of God always seeking to lead someone to Jesus, even if it is in the mall or parking lot. Never to miss one! While she loves foreign missions and adores the concept of going off to another country and sharing Gods Word, she knows in her heart that we have a mission field right here in our back yard. She lives the calling to follow where He leads and to stand bold in her faith even when the storms of life seem to press in, and she is a mighty warrior that not only speaks His Word but stands on it! She is the mother of Craig, Zachary, step mother to Steven and Nana to Justin. Her heart cry is for God to deliver her husband, Stevie, from addiction, and not only restore him, but raise him up to walk in ministry side by side with her. She claims it!

Sugarbee+Photographee+-6176-2752217541-OMandie Carney & Kristen McBeth

Mandie is our sparkle, and if you stay still long enough, you are sure to leave bedazzled! Young at heart but full of wisdom, we all can learn much from this precious gem. Mandie is married to her college sweetheart, Brett, and a stay at home mom to their sweet diva Chloe Grace, 7, whom she home schools and little man cub Brodie, 2,  who together keep her laughing and spinning through life’s chaos. With a heart longing to see women bloom in their daily walk with the Lord, she hopes to inspire women through her blog “bloom where you are planted” and seek Him through every season. And when she finds a spare moment she can be found hidden in craft room channeling her inner Martha.

Kristen McBeth

Kristen McBeth is a former “PK” that was broken. She sat under sound, Godly teaching every week, but had never actually applied it to her life. Finally, after a failed marriage and a world of brokenness, she surrendered to the all powerful, mighty Father and allowed him to transform her from the inside out. And boy did He:) Her story is one of waiting on Boaz believing who she was in Christ and what God would do for His daughter, and He delivered. She is now a loving wife to the anointed man of God, JR, and mother of four beautiful children.  Her passion for worshiping her Savior will move you to your knees, because it is real and contagious and speaks strongly a song of redemption that so many women need this very day. She is intentional and she is certainly called and one to be called when you need a heart that knows where you have been and needs hope for where He can take you.

We have many other women that share our hearts and passion for D6 and are working with us to bring events to your communities.

We thank our women of Dothan, Alabama who are working with us now from a distance….
Lisa Goodman, Mindy Farr, Becky Kite & Eleanor Frog.

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